The Attractiveness of PC Indie Games

More times that I would like to admit, I have spent hundreds of dollars on videos games that once I completed them, left me a very dissatisfied and poorer man.  These games, despite their large budgets, are terrible games that are mass-produced yet surprisingly sell millions of copies.  If this describes you down to a t, then allow me to introduce you to the concept of indie games.  Be warned, the majority of indie games are available for computers and not consoles.  If you are not a PC gamer, you might consider switching to computer games after this.  Indie games are games developed by individual game developers.  Usually, there are only a handful of developers working months on their game; in addition, they are mostly self-funded by their own savings.

What are the advantages of indie games?  One reason to buy indie games would be their low prices.  Rather than pay $60 for a console game, indie games are usually under $15 at their highest and become cheaper as time goes by.

Second, indie games are more pure than mass market games.  By pure, I mean that the gameplay and story is not tainted by too many cooks in the kitchen.  For example, games such as Skyrim and Arkham Asylum often have many software developers contributing to the game.  What often occurs is that the group of developers work on their own part really well but the end result is a chaotic mess of bugs.  With a small group, indie developers can contain those chaotic bugs to a minimum and release the game much faster.

Third, indie game stories are often better written than large developer games.  Indie games cannot compete with the bigger name games in terms of beautiful are and graphics.  In order to combat this, a lot of indie developers make an incredible storyline or add a unique interface.

One of the greatest stories I ever experienced in a video game comes from an indie developer called Freebird Games.  Despite the lack of high-tech graphics, To the Moon is one of the greatest games I have ever seen.  The story is incredibly so incredibly moving and funny that at times I did not know if I was crying from laughter or sadness.  If you have ten dollars and you are bored, visit the site here and buy the game.

If you want to get more bang for your buck, look no further than here.  For the next few days, the Humble Indie Bundle 6 is available for purchase.  The Humble Indie Bundle is an incredible new concept brought on by social media.  Instead of selling you one indie game, the Humble Indie Bundle gives you a package deal of up to ten indie games.  What’s the best part?  You get to decide how much you want to pay for the games.  You can choose to donate $0.01 or you can choose to donate a million dollars; regardless, you still get some nice indie games.  There are some advantages to donating more.  If you donate more than a dollar, you get a free Steam key with each game.  If you donate more than the average donated amount, you get access to all the games; otherwise, you get access to only five games if your donation is less than the average.  In addition, you have the choice of dividing your donation to go towards the developers, charity, and the Humble Indie Bundle team.  Before you buy though, make sure that computer is powerful enough to play these games.  The system requirements can be found here.

Just in case you still want to play the latest games with excellent graphics and complicated controls, the Steam program is your option.  Rather than install your game via CD, you can download your choice of game through the Steam store.  Often than not, you can get the same games on the Steam store for much less than if you buy it for the console, especially during the Steam summer and winter sales.  You can also play with other people who bought the same game on Steam if it is a multiplayer game.  The best feature in my opinion is that once you bought the game, you have that game for life.  If you switch computers, just log in to your Steam account with that computer and download the game again.

If you are more curious about indie games or Steam, just download the Steam program, register an account, and look for more indie games.  Be warned though, you might end up spending all your money on games as a result of this blog.  Let me know what are your favorite PC games by leaving a comment below.


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