Kindle Fire HD Features-Likes and Dislikes

I finally had enough free time in my schedule to get around to the second part of my Kindle Fire HD review.  I found a lot of features I liked on my tablet and other features I dislike.  The first feature I enjoyed was the search for keywords option for books.

Similar to a lot of e-readers, the Fire HD allows users to highlight a word or phrase they do not understand and cross reference that with its built in dictionary.  If the word is not in the dictionary, the search options allow one to search either the internet or the more famous Wikipedia site.  Personally, I usually skip over words or items I do not understand so this would do wonders to my comprehension.

Similar to the word/phrase feature, movies on the Amazon store have a feature called X-Ray.  Ever watched a movie and wanted to know the name of an actor from that one scene but you didn’t want to get out of your comfortable seat to search the internet?  You now have the ability with Amazon movies.  While playing the movie, you can access the x-ray menu and look over all the actors in the current scene.  The actor’s biography, information, and other works are cross-referenced on the IMDB website.  Sadly, the x-ray feature is not available on all movies found on the Amazon store.

Some of my dislikes on the tablet begins with the lack of adobe flash.  Adobe flash is often needed for games and video viewing on other video websites different from Youtube.  I personally like to view videos on Twitch TV; unfortunately, I’m unable to view them because my Kindle does not have adobe flash.  The latest Adobe flash is unavailable for the Fire HD and based on the forums I’ve read Adobe doesn’t have any plans for it yet.

I did believe previously that my Dolby speakers had a faulty feature.  I believed every time a song or video was skipped, some of the songs/videos would still play on the screen but the sound would not play through.  I recently learned that this happens only when the Kindle Fire HD is on low power.  When it doesn’t have enough power, the Dolby speakers do not function correctly.

Finally, the last feature that bugs me is the lack of a dedicated camera app.  The Kindle Fire HD comes with a front facing camera useful for front facing chat with others on Skype.  For some strange reason, there is no app or feature that can activate the camera and simply save the pictures on the photo folder of the tablet.  The Evernote app can also take pictures and add them to a photo but I find it annoying to have one extra app between me and my pictures.

What are your favorite features on your Kindle?  Let me know by commenting below.


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