A Look at the Sphero Gadget

Last year, my housemates were lucky enough to attend the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  I unfortunately could not go due to conflicting work scheduling.  My friends recounted to me the tale of a building filled with shiny treasures and knowledge that filled me with jealousy.  Of all the wonderful electronic goodies and toys at the expo, the one device that caught enough of my housemate’s attention to actually go out and buy it was the Sphero robot.

The Sphero is a robotic sphere/ball that you control through your smartphone, tablet, or Itouch.  You use Bluetooth signals from your device to control the path movements of the Sphero.  Before you do anything though, one needs to first download the app through either the IOS market or the Google Play Store.

Unable to take part at the CES, I allowed myself the luxury to play around with my housemate’s Sphero.  He originally bought it as a toy for his cat, Godot, but he was generous enough to let me play with it for a while.  Even though he gave me a quick tutorial on the Sphero, Ed needed to give me an additional half hour of instructions before I could even move the small sphere to where I wanted it to go.  Once the set-up was completed, I spent an hour moving the sphere back and forth, side to side, and into intricate loops and hurdles.

Godot eventually realized that I have taken his prized possession; fortunately, he was too distracted by the moving Sphero to take any sort of revenge upon me.  Overall, Sphero is a great robotic toy that is easy to use for everyone and is especially useful in entertaining pets that are very curious.  Anyone interested in picking one up can hop on to the website here.  If anyone else has a favorite technological toy, comment below as to what it is and why it is your favorite.


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