The Path of a Solder Man (part 3)-Five Steps to fixing Headphones

Years ago, I bought some cheap ear-bud headphones to be used for my laptop.  The cost of ten dollars was a good price at that time and it would have resulted in a happily ever after scenario for me if I did not lose my headphones.  I grudgingly bought another pair of headphones the next day.  Two weeks later, my 1/8 inch stereo jack was snapped off from the end of the headphone wires.  Ever since that day, I refused to buy another pair of headphones for fear of them breaking all too soon.

Just last week, I found the same headphones I broke two years ago (apparently, I am a closet hoarder).  My younger self couldn’t do anything to save my headphones but maybe my solder alter-ego could fix my headphones.

Here is what you’ll need:

Solder, wire strippers, 1/8 inch stereo phone plug, soldering iron

Step One-Visualize the Steps

The first thing I did was look for a possible online guide to help me through this process.  I recommend taking a look at this DIY headphone repair video made by RichsMethods (he has other cool videos so check them out!).

Step Two-Use the Wire Strippers!

If your cable is anything like mine, the end wires are too frayed to be used as it is.  Take your wire strippers and strip about 0.5 to 1 inch of bare wire to be used in the soldering process.

Step Three-Pull the Wire Through the Ring Terminal

Follow the video instructions and pull the wires through their respective ring terminals.  For example, the ground wires go through the middle hole and the colored wires go through their own side hole terminals.

Through the Hole!

Step Four-Solder It!

I had a bit of trouble heating up the wire without having it smoke out of control.  I ended up heating a bit of solder on the tip and quickly joining it to the wire and ring terminal.

Solder that Wire!

Step Five-Test It!

Before you screw the cap, insert the jack to a device to check for sound through the headphones.  If it works, congratulations!  If not, you can melt the solder off, strip the wires, and follow steps one through five.


What are your favorite headphones to use?  What do you usually use your headphones for (obviously to listen, but what kind of things do you listen to)?  Let me know by commenting below.


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