Logitech C510 HD Webcam Review

I honestly thought that I could have gotten away with not buying a webcam during my time at the university.  I did not see the point of a webcam other than communicating with others face to face and since I usually use the phone or a face-to-face meeting for communicating, I did not buy a webcam.  This all changed last week when my Japanese teacher, Matsuhashi sensei, gave me an assignment where I had to video message a native Japanese speaker in Japan.  I had bad experiences with webcams in the past.  The video quality was horrible, the built in mic was barely audible, and software was difficult to use.  I was more than a little hesitant to buy another webcam.  I did remember that I bought a webcam last year for my little sister from Logitech.  Since I enjoy Logitech’s products so much, I decided to purchase myself the c510 Logitech HD Webcam at Radioshack.


The specs can be found here.  I also did read the specs on my video review of the c510, which can be found below.  I strongly recommend viewing the video to see the actual quality of the camera as well as a detailed review.


The c510 HD webcam comes with three things: the webcam, a very comfortable pouch made from a mesh-like material, and free software that supports the camera experience.

Video and Picture Quality

If you haven’t seen my video review, take a look below.  I was amazed and impressed by the video/photo quality.  It was very clear, crisp, and delightful to use.  With this camera, I will not have any trouble having others chat with me via Skype or any other webcam chat software.  It is not the best video quality out there, but for $40-$50 it is a really good price.

Mic Quality

I did not include the mic quality in my video review, so I quickly went back and tested it out.  The quality was just as good, if not better than my Logitech H250 headset.  If it only had an external speaker installed, then I might consider replacing my headset.


I did not expect any special software from the disc inside the packaging.  On a whim, I installed the special software and was pleasantly surprised.  It came with special filters, motion capture avatars, and other cool little features that will enhance your video capturing experience.  Want a closer look?  Take a look at the video below.

Final decision?

For most of my uses, the c510 HD webcam will fulfill most of my needs.  I find the price cheap enough for a good quality webcam that I will use often.  Logitech makes good products so I know the webcam will last for a while.  I highly recommend this camera to anyone who is in the market for a good and reliable webcam.


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