Pumpkin carving with a soldering iron (yes, you read that right)

Common tools for pumpkin carving

It is not the first time someone has gotten the idea of carving a pumpkin with a soldering iron but it is the first time I have thought to try it.  I have never carved a pumpkin before either so this is a new experience for me.  I pulled out the most common carving tools as well as a pumpkin to get started.

Bleach to prevent mold

Make sure you have bleach and hairspray.  Bleach will clean the pumpkin and help keep the pumpkin from decaying or developing mold for a while.

Clean out the pumpkin

Make sure you clean your pumpkin by spooning out all the guts and seeds.  I used a fork to ensure all the goo was scraped out.  Once you think you are clear, clean the inside with some bleach to prevent mold from developing.

Carve your name!

First thing I did was heat up my soldering iron and carve out my name on the top.  The heat made the cut slice so easy to make.

My pumpkin pattern

The end result can be seen above.  You would want to grab a can of hairspray and spray all around your pumpkin to prevent mold and decomposition.  Not bad for a first time carve.  Now for a bit of warning.  There is a reason why a soldering iron is not used often for carving pumpkins.  The reason is because the pumpkin lets out a liquid when a soldering iron pierces the pumpkin.  This liquid evaporates quickly and leaves behind a black coating over the soldering iron.  It is a pain trying to clean the soldering iron after that so this can be a possible explanation why not many people use a soldering iron for carving.

In the dark

Have your own pumpkin carving disasters?  Share with us by commenting below.


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