App of the Week- Slingbots

I don’t usually have any free time during my busy week schedule, but when I do I enjoy spending the day either playing video games or reading a book from my backed up library.  On this occasion, I chose to play a game from my Kindle Fire HD called SlingBots.  Slingbots is a free game available to download on the Amazon App Store.  The game involves you versus a bot player in a battle of spherical robots.  You have various different robots to chose from to build your team to go against your bot opponent.  The various robots have different effects such as healing, multiple hits, and higher attack; in addition, your robots abilities can be upgraded by using the points you earn from matches to buy upgrades.

The gameplay is similar to that of Angry Birds in that you pull the robot back and aim in order to shoot the robot in the given trajectory.  There is no robot attack button, instead, the robot attacks once it is sent flying and only if there is an enemy robot near the robot’s attack area.  In order to win the game match, you must gather more points than your opponent.  You get points by standing within the bonus point circle, having surviving bots in the arena, and you can even reduce your opponents points by destroying their robots or pushing their robots outside the bonus point circle.

Me Vs Felix

The goal of the game is to keep winning the matches and upgrading your robots to become the most powerful player.  At the moment, I still need to put more work on my strategy before I can call myself a champion.  I don’t know if you can get the game anywhere else except the Amazon App store.  Link to the game can be found here as well as some screenshots of the game.  You can also search for the app by typing Slingbots in the search box.

Have a favorite game on your mobile device that not many know about?  Let us know by typing the name and a link to the description below.


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