What are your top five apps?

Ever heard the saying that you can predict a person’s personality by looking at their music in their digital music player?  I often would have music in my playlists that people would never have guessed I listened to.  Yet, my music said many things about my personality that words could never describe.  Nowadays, with smartphone and tablets on the rise, I believe that apps have greater power in describing people’s personality.

For science, I asked three different people what their top five favorite apps.  I asked because I wanted to know if other people used different apps than myself and also to download some new apps to play around with.


No, this is not me.  I interviewed my buddy David about his top five apps.  He owns the original Motorola Droid on Verizon, which makes him more than ready to upgrade to a new phone.  He responded with the following.

SkypeSkype is a VOIP app where one can call or text other Skype users using an internet connection to transform their voices or texts into digital packets.  David uses Skype to communicate with lots of friends at one time.

SteamI talked about the Steam application before.  Steam released an app for mobile devices for their users to chat with online friends, buy games on their phone, look at achievements, and a bunch of other features.

TumblrTumblr has recently gain in fame and use as a blogging website for mass users.  It has a large number of users because its ease of use and picture storage features make the blog very very attractive.

Lightsaber app-For the person who always wanted to wield a lightsaber in the palm of their hand, this is for you.

Go SMSFrom what David says, it is an app that users can send others text messages.  If you don’t have a text message plan, this app might be for you.


Amanda is my roommate who owns the Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T.  She is an English major who wants to be a writer someday.  Her favorite apps are below.

Evernote-Amanda uses Evernote to store all her favorite Fanfictions and access them whenever she is bored.

Google Play Music-This app allows Amanda to play her music she synced from her computer to her  phone.

Shortyz-This is a cool app that allows people to fill in crossword puzzles and spend hours with fun brain testers.

Polaris Office-This app is a document reader/editor that came preinstalled with the Galaxy Note.  As such, Amanda uses it often for reading documents.

Google Chrome-As a Google lover, Amanda downloads this app to view internet on her phone.

Mr./Mrs. RacerX

Racer X is a person that is alive.  I cannot describe them more due to their request for their identity to stay private.  RacerX owns the newest Iphone 5 for AT&T.  Their favorite apps are found below.

Epic Win -Imagine a game where you earn achievements and level up every time you finish chores or homework.  Epic Win allows you to gain gamer achievements every time you finish chores you don’t want to do.  It is an interesting app that will need to be revisited later on.

Meme Generator -Meme generator is an awesome app that allows you to create a meme from their large database of meme pictures.  All you have to do is put in your own writing.

Air Sharing -This app is like a cloud storage management application that allows you to control all your different clouds storages under one app.  Convenient if you have too many clouds.

Netflix– You are able to access your favorite tv shows and movies online onto your mobile device.  You do need a subscription with Netflix to access the content.

Crackle– Crackle is like Netflix, except free.  The only drawback is that you need to sit through commercials.

I found a lot of apps that I want to try out now.  Some sound really awesome but are not available for all app markets.  What are your top five favorite apps?  Let us know by commenting below.


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