App of the week-Forgotten Mysteries

This week’s app is, you guessed it, another game!  I’ll try not to make this a habit but games are so much more interesting to review.  The app I reviewed is called Forgotten Mysteries and is available on the Amazon App Store.

The map of the house/mansion

I did not know what to expect when I first played this game.  My first thoughts were that the game was some sort of mystery themed game where I would have to search for clues to solve crimes.  Some of these notions are partly true.  You start out as a character who walks into this house/mansion filled with locked rooms, worried employees, and a butler with a monocle.  The butler gives you your first job of finding a certain item in the living room.

The inside of the Butler’s Room

The majority of the game is finding a list of items in different rooms.  Remember the old I-Spy books you read/watched when you were a kid?  The concept is the same where you click the item they tell you to find.  The concept is very simple and the difficulty level is so easy but the game is so addictive.  I spent at least three to four hours just playing the game over and over again on my Kindle Fire HD.  I haven’t passed it yet but given another day or two I could get close.

The biggest things I did not like about the game was the pop-up ads.  The game was available to download for free so I understand why the producer would have ads promoting the purchase of in-game gold coins with real money; however, it seems to me the frequency of these ads is too much. Every time I level up, the ads pop-up, they remind me to buy some gold coins to help me with the storyline, and then I waste time clicking away the ads to get back to my game.  The other thing I did not enjoy was the program’s placement of items.  Sometimes you will be asked to find the same list of items in a certain room.  When that occurs, the items you found previously will be in the same spot you found them before.  Because the items are not placed randomly throughout the rooms, the gameplay becomes easy for those with excellent memories.

The Kitchen

Although I found a few faults with the game, my overall impressions of the game are positive.  The art of each room is absolutely beautiful and makes me envious that the developers possess these skills.  The atmosphere the developers try to press on to their market is a spooky/mystery atmosphere and they succeed.  The dark art followed by the exquisite sounds of the mysterious gameplay left me in a state of want for Forgotten Mysteries.  In all honesty, I will probably end up playing this game toward the end in order to gather the whole story surrounding the in game lore suggested by the mysterious butler.  For a free game, I absolutely recommend this to anyone who loves to read the I-Spy books or for anyone who is a lover of the mystery genre.

Do you have a favorite mystery/horror game you enjoy playing?  Let us know by commenting below.


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