Make:Electronics-Experiment 1 Taste the Power

As some of you might have noticed, I recently have began my journey into the world of electronics and soldering by researching and replicating certain soldering experiments.  Although this method of learning is fine for some, I prefer a more traditional approach.  For this reason, I purchased myself a learning tome entitled Make: Electronics, written by Charles Platt.

The book is excellent in itself due to its thorough notes on electricity and tools.  It is an excellent starting tool for those who want to learn more about electronics.  As such, I decided to follow the teachings of this tome by following the experiments in order.

The first experiment is entitled Taste the Power.  It is a great experiment to introduce the reader into the world of electricity.  The books encourages the user to learn the power of electricity by feeling it firsthand and that is what I did.

For the experiment, you will need a 9 volt battery, a snap connector for a 9 volt battery, and a multimeter.

Step 1: Electrocute your tongue

Make the tip of the battery terminals touch your moist tongue.  Don’t worry.  It doesn’t hurt, just tickle.  Did you feel the electricity?  Now do the same, except this time you want to make sure no saliva is on your tongue when you touch the battery to the tongue.  The electricity should be less intense this time.  The reason for this is because there is more resistance when the tongue is dry than when it is wet.

Step 2: Measure the resistance of Your tongue

Using a multimeter, measure the resistance of your tongue when it is wet versus when it is dry.  If done correctly, the resistance of a wet tongue should be less than a dry tongue.

Step 3: Use the snap connector on your tongue

Connect the snap connector to the 9V battery and touch the leads on your tongue with a distance as small as possible without touching the leads.  You should feel a small kick feeling on your tongue.  Now do the same but this time make the leads farther apart.  The electricity should be lower in intensity.  The reason for this is because the farther electricity has to travel, the higher the resistance electricity has to go through.  You can prove this by measuring the resistance of your tongue by having the the lead close and then measuring the leads farther away.

Have you ever tried putting a battery on your tongue?  How did it feel? Let us know by commenting below.


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