Google Extension of the Week: Adblock Plus

Up until a few hours ago, I have been using the internet without the use of an adblocker.  What I mean by this is that ever since I was little, I was subjected to constant ads on all the web pages I visited.  Banner ads to the left of me, video pop-ups to the right of me, or was it the other way?  Even worse, I hated those ads that were videos and automatically played whenever I visited that website.  Those websites reminded me why I left Myspace years ago.  The result of these ads caused me constant torment for years.  No more.  Years of anger and sadness are no more as a result of downloading the holy tool called AdBlock Plus.

I use the Google Chrome browser for my internet usage, the following advice will not work for any browser though that does not mean that other Adblock extensions exists for those browsers.  AdBlock Plus is an extension available for the Google Chrome browser and can also be downloaded on the Chrome Web Store.  Extensions are extra features with functionality that a user can apply to Google Chrome.

In the case with Adblock Plus, the extension enhances my browser use by blocking annoying and distracting ads, thus increasing my productivity.  In order to apply the extension to your Chrome browser, download Adblock Plus by finding the extension on the Chrome Web Store.  Once it is installed, you should be able to browse the internet with very little ads.  There will still be ads and that is due to the fact that Adblock Plus allows very few ads that fit a certain criteria to get through the filters.  They do this in order to support content producers on the internet who make their revenue through ads.  I also support many people who produce entertaining content on the internet and would like them to keep producing new content.  If all it takes for me to support them is to view a few ads, then I will do it.  On the other hand,massive ads such as car manufacturers promotions that are everywhere are not something I want to view or support, as such, Adblock Plus will prevent me from seeing those ads.

For those who do not want to view any ads, Adblock will prevent all ads to be viewed, leaving you with pure content.

The only way to see the full effects of the extension is to download it yourself and trying it out.  So have at it.  Let me know what you think about the Adblock extension by commenting below.


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