Dream.doc 03/07/17

I dreamt that I was back in my childhood apartment where I grew up.  I do not know if I was in child size or if I was fully grown.  I remember in real life that I had a dog when I was young but since it lived in my small balcony, it was miserable.  In the dream, I had my current dog, Vivi instead of the shar pei I had as a child.  In addition, I also had a baby horse and a baby donkey that I help raise.  


The baby horse, I loved more than anything in the world.  The baby donkey I did not really care for.  I would walk my baby horse with a leash around the grass area of the apartment complex, similar to what I have done for my shar pei.  When the horse was big enough to support my weight, I began getting it used to my weight, hoping it would not buck me off.  Eventually, I was able to ride the horse everywhere I wanted to.  The horse was very intelligent, it would respond to all my commands and knew all the ride signals.  I wanted to name the horse the name used for Woody’s horse in Toy Story but I could not remember what his name was.  Instead, I named by horse Roundup, after the weed killing product people use in their homes.  I do not know why I called it Roundup, it just sounded like a unique name to dream David.  Eventually, I had to give up an animal due to little room to house all of them.  I gave up the small donkey in a heartbeat.  For some reason, the donkey remained baby size while my horse grew up.  I miss Roundup, he is the best horse I never had.  


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