Literary Scrutiny- The Importance of Public Libraries in our Day and Age

No, there is no actual book that possesses the long title of this post.  Though, if someone does end up using this in the future please feel free to give me a little bit of credit.

I started this post writing about one of the books I have finished devouring but somehow it keeps turning into ad advertisement for my local public library.  This is the second time I keep trying so you know what?  Fuck it, let me talk about my library and how awesome it is.

A few months ago I started becoming bored of binging on fan fictions from  How long have I been binging?  Oh, lets say around 2013.  Yeah, it was that bad.  The Harry Potter universe is like meth in the fan fiction world.

Harry Potter in Florida?
Image provided by Pixabay

Anyway, a few months ago I decided to begin reading actual books in order to clean up my home library just a little bit.  I did end up purging some books by reading them cover to cover but got stuck in my rhythm when I read Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew book, specifically the mist story.  The last time I read Stephen King, I had to stop because the story was so bad and didn’t go anywhere (I am talking about you Gerald’s Game).

Picture of Carson City Library provided by Nevada Appeal

So I took a break for Skeleton Crew and decided to see what my public library had in terms of eBooks.  My library is the Carson City Library and it is awesome.  They have a ton of selections online through Overdrive.  Books, magazines, audio books, you name it and they have it.  I even saw they had a ton of resources online such as, Rossetta Stone, EbscoHost(the bane of my high school career), and other subscription based services for free.  All you need is a library card, it is that simple.  And no, you do not have to come all the way to Nevada to have access to resources like these.  Ask your local public library if they offer these and similar services you can use.

Ok, hopefully now that the obligatory shout out is outta the way I can focus of book reviews.  Right?


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