About me

I am currently enrolled at the University of Nevada Reno, pursuing my bachelors degree in International Business with a specialization on Management. Now what does this mean? With my expertise, companies with international aspirations would be able overcome the most difficult hurdle for a multinational company, culture. I am able to bring together people of various cultures into a collaboration for company projects. I am able to oversee group projects, help employees use their full potential at work, and meet with other managers from other departments in order to discuss what is the right direction the company should be headed. I also advise companies with delicate matters such as cultural taboos and business etiquette in foreign countries. Basically, I am a manager with the capabilities to manage companies and departments around the world. This allows me to be a very flexible asset that can be sent to wherever the company requires my talents.

If I am not doing something business related, I will most likely be using technology in one way or another.  I love to play around with the newest smartphone or tablet when I have the time.  This year I have become an avid gamer due to possessing a new tower computer capable of running most PC games without crashing the whole system.  With my discovery of the Steam network, I have found that there exists an inverse relationship between the amount of money in bank account and the number of PC games on my Steam library.  I have recently began my journey into the exciting world of soldering, circuits, and transistors.  I don’t know where this path will take me but I look forward to both the journey and the end goal.


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