Sometimes I have really vivid dreams that are strangely wonderful that I just have to quickly jot down what it consisted of.  Most of my dreams are bittersweet in that they are too wonderful and I do not wish to leave them.  When I was younger, I experienced dreams that felt like glimpses of things that could happen in the real world.  For example, I can be walking in my neighborhood wearing some sort of outfit and in the dream I knew that the car behind me was red.  When I woke up, I forgot about the dream.  One day, my prophetic dream happened where the red car passed me while wearing a certain outfit.  I experienced similar dreams through my life, though the content of the dreams occurred differently such as me breaking a leg or falling off the cliff.  I did not remember the vision until it occurred.  I do not consider this dejavu, instead, it is more like a glimpse of one possible reality that could occur because of certain actions taking place.  If alternative realities do exist, I would consider this a quick sneak peak into these worlds.

It is my goal to catalog my most memorable dreams so I may look back to see if maybe they are a warning from a different world.