I’m going to Marie Kondo this blog!

I would like to start by apologizing.  Not to the millions of nonexisting followers I have, but to myself.  I have allowed myself to get lazy and essentially abandon this blog that I had such high hopes for.  Life happened, but rather than writing about these events I just let this site die.  Well I say no more! (Hopefully my enthusiasm won’t fall again…)  This will be my second (more like fifth) wind!  I am revising this blog and will post frequently every week.  I would like to focus more on covering my likes such as books, video games, fanfictions, some tech, and of course my puppy.  As lost in the road of life as I am, I think this is the best I can do right now until I find my niche in life.  I would like to have some sort of legacy/journal for my possible future children so why not a blog?  Pic of my puppy in 3..2..1..

Her name is Vivi and at the time of the picture she is only a couple of months old.  I love her but she is such a pain in the ass.  She can also knock me on my ass if she tried.  Luckily I am still stronger than her but for how long?


I would like to get more into writing.  It has been a while since I had to use my brain for any deep thought other than solving a puzzle in a video game.  I love games on Steam but those things seriously can cause detrimental damage to ones potential.   Pokemon is a great example.  I been addicted to Pokemon since my parents bought me Pokemon Silver for the Game Boy Color.  Since then, I have bought at least one main game of every generation (none of the spinoff games like mystery dungeon, so much money!).  Currently, I stuck playing Sun and Moon and they are great (although my Pokebank account is frozen cause of some bullshit reason).  Even though I am an active fan, I admit these games are a huge time waste.


Maybe this subject might become a future post.  The point is I am back baby!  For how long?  Who knows.


App of the Week-1Mobile

Friends, Romans, countrymen, I was wrong.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m wrong almost everyday but on this one occasion, I was definitely wrong.  In what occasion was I wrong?  Recall a few months ago when I first started out my blog by reviewing one of my new toys, the Kindle Fire HD.  In this review, I mentioned one of the dislikes I had for the tablet was the fact that I could not download an app from a different app market than the Amazon App store.  I was under the impression that any app I tried downloading from the Google Play store or Apple App Store would be unsuccessful due to incompatibility in the software.  Boy was I wrong.

I’m a regular reader of Andrys Basten’s blog entitle A Kindle World Blog and when I came across her blog post that told the world how to access third-party apps on the Kindle Fire models, I just had to drop what I was doing and try out her advice on my Kindle Fire HD.  Unfortunately, I was using my tablet to read her post so in the midst of things I accidentally bumped my HD with the ground though it is still working fabulously (Amazon really knows how to build their stuff!).

The particular advise I followed from Andrys basten’s blog was the portion where I went into my settings, tap the more button, then tap the device button, and finally checked the box that said Allow Installation of Applications from unknown sources.  From then on, my Kindle no longer held a 3rd party download app restriction.  This meant that if I had the right program/app, I can download the wonderful apps already available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store but sadly not available on the Amazon App Store.

1Mobile App store
1Mobile App store

I decided to use 1mobile to download third-party apps.  It is very easy to use.  First thing you do would be to go to the 1mobile website and download the app to download the app (Yo Dawg).  Once it shows up in your app selection screen, open it up and take a minute to explore the wonderful ease of the app.  The layout is very similar to the Google Play Store in that you search through categories, view the feature apps or top rated, and even search the app if you already know the name.  First app I downloaded on 1mobile was the Curiosity Game app I wrote about earlier (so addicting).  I then opened the app and guess what, it worked perfectly.  In fact, it worked better than the app installed on my Android device due to the fact that my HTC Thunderbolt has a habit of shutting down the app after a few seconds.

Have any other ways of downloading 3rd-party apps on to your mobile device?  Teach us your tricks by commenting below.

In AVG We Trust


If you are a user of a PC like myself, sooner or later you will need to purchase some form of Antivirus software.  Even if you are a pro at using the internet, at one point in your life you had to learn the evils of the internet through experience and then you had to fix those experiences via an antivirus program.  Depending on the size of your problem, antivirus software can get expensive.  Despite the initial cost of security software, the potential problems resulting from the lack of it is much worse.  I accidentally let a virus on my computer from trying to view a meme website (it was not 4chan) and it left my laptop in a crippled state.  I ended up having to buy various computer parts to build a gaming PC (worth the investment BTW), the damage was around $500.

For those who don’t have the money to spend in new computer parts or some antivirus software there are other options.  There exists free antivirus protection you can download.  Disclaimer: Not all free antivirus software available on the internet is safe, some might be scams trying to get into your computer and cripple your computer, thus, they force you to buy their “antivirus” solution.

For those in a similar situation like myself, there exists AVG antivirus software.  AVG is a company who consistently produces software that protects your computer from internet threats.  The best protection for a single user would be the Premium security software available for $69.99 at the moment.  Don’t have cash for it now?  No sweat.  AVG offers a free version of their antivirus software that you can download from their site.  The antivirus will offer the basic features of protection such as detecting/stopping viruses, threats, and malware.  It is great if you want a quick software shield for your PC but in NO way should it be used as a substitute for full PC protection.

Ever bought antivirus software that didn’t work?  Let us know what it was by commenting below.

The Path of a Solder Man-Turning AC to DC

Previously in my adventures in soldering, I assembled an FM Radio from a Velleman kit that I bought from Radioshack.  It works great when powered by an AC power adapter and the correct tip type.  My problem is that I had to borrow the adapter from Radioshack to get it to work since I don’t own a 12V adapter myself.  I can’t make an adapter myself at my current level,so the next best thing for me to do is to make a DC adapter.  It is quite easy to make, all you need are a few supplies.

You will need:

a size N Coaxial DC Power Plug

Size N Power Adapter

a snap connector for a 9V battery

Snap connector

a battery holder for eight double AA batteries

Battery holder

-standard soldering tools such as a soldering iron, solder, wire strippers

Step one: Solder the wires to the power plug terminals

Similar to my post on fixing headphones, we shall start by passing the wires through the plastic  hollow.  Once that happens, make sure to solder the wires to the ring terminals of the power plug.  The red cable soldered on the smaller terminal and the ground soldered on the larger terminal.

Solder to terminals

Step two: snap the snap connector to the battery holder

Ensure that the positive and negative connect to the correct snap terminals (it should only fit one way).

Snap to the holder

Step three: Insert batteries and connect to device


Insert eight AA batteries in the battery holder.  It should be running at 12V, enough to power on the radio.  Congratulations, the contraption should work!  Try it out and let us know what you think by commenting below.

Google Extension of the Week: Adblock Plus

Up until a few hours ago, I have been using the internet without the use of an adblocker.  What I mean by this is that ever since I was little, I was subjected to constant ads on all the web pages I visited.  Banner ads to the left of me, video pop-ups to the right of me, or was it the other way?  Even worse, I hated those ads that were videos and automatically played whenever I visited that website.  Those websites reminded me why I left Myspace years ago.  The result of these ads caused me constant torment for years.  No more.  Years of anger and sadness are no more as a result of downloading the holy tool called AdBlock Plus.

I use the Google Chrome browser for my internet usage, the following advice will not work for any browser though that does not mean that other Adblock extensions exists for those browsers.  AdBlock Plus is an extension available for the Google Chrome browser and can also be downloaded on the Chrome Web Store.  Extensions are extra features with functionality that a user can apply to Google Chrome.

In the case with Adblock Plus, the extension enhances my browser use by blocking annoying and distracting ads, thus increasing my productivity.  In order to apply the extension to your Chrome browser, download Adblock Plus by finding the extension on the Chrome Web Store.  Once it is installed, you should be able to browse the internet with very little ads.  There will still be ads and that is due to the fact that Adblock Plus allows very few ads that fit a certain criteria to get through the filters.  They do this in order to support content producers on the internet who make their revenue through ads.  I also support many people who produce entertaining content on the internet and would like them to keep producing new content.  If all it takes for me to support them is to view a few ads, then I will do it.  On the other hand,massive ads such as car manufacturers promotions that are everywhere are not something I want to view or support, as such, Adblock Plus will prevent me from seeing those ads.

For those who do not want to view any ads, Adblock will prevent all ads to be viewed, leaving you with pure content.

The only way to see the full effects of the extension is to download it yourself and trying it out.  So have at it.  Let me know what you think about the Adblock extension by commenting below.